Monti, Esquilino, Celio, and the Via Appia Antica

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Several neighborhoods come together here, just north of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. They range from the bustling, multicultural Esquilino neighborhood to the super-trendy (yet still traditional), ancient rione of Monti. Most travelers will find themselves passing through at least part of the area, either when they come into the Termini train station or when they pay a visit to Michelangelo’s Moses at the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli. Head farther south for the evocative Via Appia Antica, dotted with ruins and ancient catacombs.



On the border of Monti, from the Colosseum west toward Piazza San Giovanni, the Celio neighborhood is a tranquil, lovely…

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Rome's most sprawling hill—the Esquilino—lies at the very edge of most tourist maps. Even imperial Rome could not have matched…

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As the hill starts to slope downward from Termini station, right around Santa Maria Maggiore, the streets become cobblestone, the…

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