Kathy’s Medieval Treasures River Cruise

7 night cruise from Basel to Nuremberg September 10 - September 17, 2020
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Zurich and Lucerne provide the perfect starting point to this incredible cruise along the romantic Rhine and peaceful Main rivers. Walk through thousands of years of history in the medieval towns of Rothenburg, Bamberg and Miltenberg. Revel in the architectural gems on display—the Würzburg Residenz and Mannheim Baroque Palace. Indulge your inner child with visits to Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum and the Speyer Technical Museum. Discover the Alsatian capital of France, Strasbourg, and the fairytale capital of Europe, Prague. All this and more awaits you as you experience the many medieval treasures of Europe.


Date Location Arrive Depart
09-10-2020 Basel
09-11-2020 Strassbourg
09-12-2020 Miltenberg
09-13-2020 Rudeshiem
09-14-2020 Wertheim
09-15-2020 Kitzingen/Wurzburg
09-16-2020 Bamburg
09-17-2020 Nuremberg

Per Person Pricing

(Based on double occupancy)
Accommodation Category Type Per Person
Category S Suite $6498.00
Category A+ French Balcony $5298.00
Category B French Balcony $5198.00
Category C French Balcony $4998.00
Category D Fixed Windows $4298.00
Category E Fixed Windows Piano Deck $3999.00

Additional Services

Item Price
2 Nights Zurich and 2 Nights Lucerne (Pre-Cruise) $1560.00 9-6-20 to 9-10-20
3 Nights Prague Package (Post Cruise) $870.00 9-17-20 to 9-20-20

Deposit Requirements

$400.00 per person deposit required upon booking.

Insurance and cancel for any reason needs to be purchased upon booking as well.

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