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Rome is like any other major Western city: generally quite safe, but the occasional pick-pocketing does happen. Wear a bag or camera slung across your body bandolier-style, and don't rest your bag or camera on a table or underneath your chair at a sidewalk café or restaurant. If you have to bring a purse, make sure to keep it within sight by wearing it toward the front. Women should avoid wearing purses that don't have a zipper. Men should always keep their wallet in one of their front pockets, with their hand in the same pocket. In Rome, beware of pickpockets on buses, especially No. 64 (Termini–Stazione di San Pietro); the No. 40 Express, which takes a faster route; and No. 46, which takes you closer to St. Peter’s Basilica; on subways and in subway stations; and on trains, when making your way through the corridors of crowded cars. Pickpockets often work in teams and zero in on tourists who look distracted or are in large groups. Pickpockets may be active wherever tourists gather, including the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and Piazza di San Pietro. Distribute your cash, credit cards, IDs, and other valuables between a deep front pocket, an inside jacket or vest pocket, and a hidden money pouch. Don't reach for the money pouch once you're in public.


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